Phalaenopsis Orchid  

A Table Dance™ orchid stands approximately 30-40cm tall and is supplied in a sleek ceramic pot that will suit all décor and tastes.

Table Dance™ orchids are available in a wide colour range, from the ever popular white to the bi-colours and harlequin ranges. These orchids will present a show of between 8-12 blooms per stem with each bloom about 2.5cm-5cm wide and is ideal for the home or a special gift.

Picture of Table Dance Orchids

These exotic orchids with their beautiful blooms, statuesque form and luscious leaf, stand alone from the pack.

The Phalaenopsis orchids usually stand about 50cm-70cm stall with a show of 8-15 blooms that are 5-10cm wide.

Picture of Phalaenopsis Orchid


The colour range offered in both the Table Dance™ and the Phalaenopsis range will be spectacular and will suit all tastes. The popular whites, pinks, yellows and purples will be available plus the unique harlequin range of orchids that present, spots, stripes, splashes and swirls of colours that will delight even the hardest of critics.


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